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The who:
Ardalan Samimi, a self-taught developer and a former political journalist living in Stockholm.

The what:
My development stack includes Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa, MacOS, iOS, HTML, CSS, Javascript. I've dabbled in C, Java, Python, Rust (& more) and love to try out new stuff.

The when:
I began coding at the early age of 11-12 when I taught myself HTML, CSS and Javascript. I went on to ASP (and later on PHP) to create websites mostly for my own amusement. Around that time I also started my journey towards learning BASIC, which ended with Visual BASIC.

Sometime during the mid 2000s, I discovered Objective-C (or, really, the Mac). Today, I'm mostly focused on Swift or PHP (like this site).

The how:
Though I've spent almost two decades coding, professionally I've made my living doing something else entirely.

I got a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and History of Ideas, and have spent six years of my life working as a journalist, at news outlets such as Dagens Media, Dagens Opinion and Länstidningen Södertälje.

I've also done some work for the Skellefteå-based web agency Winterkvist.

Currently, I'm a CS student at Uppsala University.

The where:
Want to get in touch with me?

Write me a few lines at ardalan [at] or create an issue on , either on my personal Github or on my organization's Github.

You can also find me on under the handle @ardalansamimi and on LinkedIn.